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PANDAS, PANS, Autoimmune, Disorder, Behavior, Sensory, OCD
Tics, Accommodations, Education, Autism, Neuropsychiatric


PANS, CANS and Automobiles - REVIEWS

5 Star Reviews



#1 New Release in Behavioral Disorders in Special Ed.


Excellent book, and very timely! It is alarming that so many children suffer from these disorders and most are not properly diagnosed or treated. The author provides a practical, in-depth reference guide for educators and parents of children with PANDAS and related neuropsychiatric disorders. This book is additionally valuable for dealing with the special needs of children with autism, Tourette Syndrome, and undiagnosed conditions who display similar abnormal behavioral characteristics. It‘s wonderful to finally have the tools needed to help navigate through the difficulties associated with these challenging conditions! A comprehensive “must have” book that provides hope for positive outcomes, both for the affected children and for those who care for them.

~BH Verified Amazon buyer